Fast Professional Websites & IT Management

At our company, we specialize in crafting stunning, user-friendly websites and providing comprehensive IT solutions tailored to local businesses. With a keen focus on professionalism and efficiency, we offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Custom website design and same-day template websites
  • Secure web hosting and Email management (including HIPAA) using premium Google Cloud web servers with advanced security and reliability features.
  • Domain management using Google Domains 
  • Robust business email solutions, including HIPAA compliant options
  • IT support and remote hands-on training

Let us handle the technical details, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our top-notch services and expertise. (pick a design).

We serve an array of industry sectors as well as local web development teams. We specialize in using agency level software and licensing to help our clients minimize their costs and provide a streamlined pathway to a website they will love!

We make your life easier by taking care of all the complicated tasks that come with having a website and online presence.

Fast Professional Websites and Management


Utilize one of our ready-made WordPress websites from our collection of over 100 brands, or we can develop and build a custom design around your brand. Both options can enable your business to stand out from your local competitor and in Google. We make it simple and you pay only one company.

Alongside of you're great brand and our process, we provide all the options necessary to add sophistication & consistency to your messaging.


Time is precious in any business. We assess your pain points and quickly customize our software to automate processes, reduce inefficiencies, and increase productivity. WordPress is our most popular used CMS, and it's popularity represented by search trends is reflected in the usage rates around the world. WordPress is being used nearly ten times as much as some of its closest competitors.


We are WordPress hosting experts with a long history of managing IT, Email & Internet Infrastructures. Our approach enables you to have a peace of mind for your website, as well as your business continuity. You pay only one company from the start your project, to completion and ongoing!


Security loopholes left behind by less experienced or careless web developers can end up costing you thousands. We are always up on the latest trends and take care of any updates that are required. We built your website, and we host it, so you can honestly focus on running your business.


We are combined with expertise in Web Design/Development and IT Infrastructures. Our business technology adds an uncommon strength for a putting our knowledge and experience to work for you. Ask us anything and if we don't have the answer, we will find it for you!

Our Story

Biancorp IT LLC is a fully licensed turnkey committed web development and web hosting management company

Flexible, Scalable, Custom, Tested Web Solutions


One Place

We are a smarter web design and development company that negotiates and utilizes large scalable trusted platforms and big name companies (such as Google) to deliver all the preferred end user products to our clients. We try to make the website decisions as simple as possible.


You Own It

We setup and manage, you own and directly benefit from all of our professional software, licenses & tools that we provide you for one affordable price. We supply you with a product that allows you to easily manage yourself, or we can do it for you so you can concentrate on running your business! 



Simply choose our premium ready made sites or mix and match ready made content to mix with your own. We help every step of the way to personalize it and make it look great on all devices. We also offer full content planning to get you up and running fast if your just getting started.

We show you how to update the content yourself easily, or we can do it for you.

Bring Your Business to Life Instantly

As technology continues to advance and more companies become competent at using it to market their product or services, it becomes more critical to have a website that really performs. Consumers are not only looking to company websites for information, but utilizing online sites to schedule appointments, make decisions about where they will work and do business, buy products, and more. A dull website will drive your customers right into the arms of your competitors. 

We can help you with a content strategy if you do not have web ready images and content at hand.

We have over 200 "ready made" site examples to choose from.  Provided you have your own content, you can get started today and have a website as soon as tomorrow, not next month or next year!

Google wants you to be successful

Bring Your Business To New Levels

Most businesses struggle with reaching their target audience and end up paying external agencies a huge amount of money. We can save you from getting ripped off by providing a website with Search Engine Optimisation, and even Social Media Push Integration built right in! We can also help you drive pre-qualified leads with the potential to be converted into customers. Our web design services include the following set of features to help you reach out to your target audience effectively and efficiently:

✅ Mobile Friendly and Responsive

✅ Targeting Search Keywords

✅ Local Google SEO Friendly

✅ Website URL Structure


Spend More Time Doing What You Love

Whether you want to make simple changes, or do a little more! Make changes to your site quicker and easier than ever before with the latest revolutionary drag & drop editing software used by over 275,000 other website owners. No coding, no confusion, no frustration, just easy! Add in a whole new pre-designed section with just one click. Build an entirely new page in three clicks. Mix & match designs or sections. See it change before your eyes!

Class Act Web Development

All You'll Ever Need is Right Here

Passionate Developer

We are passionate about everything related to technology. Always following up on the most recent changes in web development and security trends. We stay very active in the open source environment. Check our work.

Care Plans

Our website Care Plans ensure your website is kept up-to-date, secure, and professionally monitored. Business websites are not set-and-forget solutions. Even if little changes on your website in terms of its content, the world around it continues to evolve. We offer great peace of mind and excellent value.

Web Server Essentials

It's merely a point of reference, however, even some of the most suitable web servers cannot stand up to the features and performance that our robust servers provide. Benefits include: servers on three continents, PCI compliance, power redundancy, hardware redundancy, fastest server monitoring, anti-hack systems, 30-day consecutive automatic backup system and instant backups on demand,  staging sites for upcoming projects, unlimited email addresses@your-domain and much more. 

Fast Professional Websites and Management
Technologically SEO Advanced

As of March 2018, Google ranks your mobile website FIRST. We use this discipline represented by Google to build, leverage & optimize your mobile site spot on first, then focus on your desktop second. 

A Secure Website

We take HIPAA and all website encryption seriously and here is why you should too. June 2018 is when Google began to notify users when they’re browsing non secure web pages, which means any information that they enter (for example, passwords and credit cards) could be stolen by attackers. We now include SSL encryption in every new installation at no additional cost to you.

Hottest Speed Technologies

Some features included are: SSD Hardware(faster solid state hard drives), NGINX (faster web servers), SuperCacher (faster CMS- WordPress sites), CDN (Cloudflare CDN makes your website load faster), HTTP/2 (enables faster load times), Latest PHP (faster PHP makes php executions faster), Linux Containers (LXC Technology), Proactive Server Monitoring, Unique Anti-Bot brute-force attack protection (very few companies can handle effectively). Handcrafted solutions for 99.99% uptime.

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